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      Euro-me to display multiple distributed products at CIMT2021 Beijing as scheduled

      Source : Euro-me Shenzhen Trade & Development Co., Ltd.    Time : 2021-03-15    Hits : 1192

      Under the effective control of COVID in China and the accelerated recovery of China´s economy, China´s most prestigious international machine tool exhibition, the China International Machine Tool Exhibition (CIMT 2021) will be held on April 12-17 as scheduled at the New International Exhibition Center in Shunyi, Beijing.

      As the officially authorized agent of several famous European machine tool and accessory manufacturers in China, Euro me is entrusted to be fully responsible for this year´s exhibition in the case that personnel from foreign manufacturers may not be able to come to China. We will display German BAUBLIES surface burnishing tools, WAGNER thread rolling tools and BAYER high-quality diamond wheel dressing tools in Booth E8-B013; HPM micro lubrication system (MQL) and atomizing nozzle in Booth E8-b203; Italian Gerardi BMT and VDI driven tools for turn milling machine are displayed in Booth W3-A118 .

      Please come along to see us at our joint stands at E8 German Pavilion and W3 Italian Pavilion!