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      Brand :  ELOVIS
      Manager :  Rocky Li
      Phone :  0755 - 8384 2749
      Fax :  0755 - 8384 2050 
      Email :  elovis@euro-me.com 
      Website :  www.elovis.de

      Product Overview                                                                                              English/中文版

      Length, Speed, Laser, Camera based optical Gauges; Diode Laser Driver, Wireless Data Aquisition

      non-contact length measurement and non-contact speed measurement - non-slip and maintenance-free, high accurate according to MID 2004/22/EC standard, diode laser driver controller, synchronous wireless data aquisition

      ELOVIS is known for its outstanding non-contact length and non-contact speed gauges. ELOVIS stands for excellence in electronics, optics, laser drivers and wireless data aquisition technology for industry. ELOVIS products serve a stable longterm determination of production, productivity and billing parameters, as well as quality and process parameters. ELOVIS also offers measurement and calibration services.


      Non-contact Length Measurement


      ?  length of moving web material, spool length, coiled length

      ?  length measurement of goods received and goods issued

      ?  length of disrete parts as tubes, plates, boards

      ?  cut-to-length control

      ?  portable length measurement for calibration of tactile counters

      ?  accredited length measurement acc. MID 2004/22/EC std.

      說明: http://www.elovis.de/images/Produktuebersichtseite/Laengenmessung-230.JPG

      Non-contact Speed Measurement


      ?  replacement of tactile encoders (contact wheel, roller, ...)

      ?  calibration of tactile tachometers, encoders, drives

      ?  differential speed measurement and measurement of slippage

      ?  speed balancing, control of milling and lamination processes

      ?  strip control on slitting lines

      ?  thickness and speed measurement for mass flow control

      說明: http://www.elovis.de/images/Produktuebersichtseite/Differenz_v_pfeil_strahl_230.jpg

      Non-contact Motion Monitoring


      ?  replacement of light barriers and contrast sensing devices

      ?  detection of presence or absence of material

      ?  detection of material movement or halt

      ?  detection of direction of material movement

      ?  speed monitoring

      說明: http://www.elovis.de/images/piktogramme/Geschwindigkeitswaechter.JPG

      Non-contact Discrete Part Measurement


      ?  discrete part length measurement (10mm bis 4.000mm)

      ?  Length measurement of discrete parts

      ?  Length measurement of fix length

      ?  Measurement of meter weight and 100m weight

      ?  Length sorting

      說明: http://www.elovis.de/images/produktfotos/SLM_Material.jpg

      Dimensional Inspection


      ?  discrete part measurement

      ?  pattern repeat length measurement

      ?  measurement of 2-D and 3-D shapes

      ?  measurement of width, height, length of piece goods

      ?  detection of defect positions and automatic defect monitoring

      ?  optimization of cut-to-length processes

      說明: http://www.elovis.de/images/piktogramme/materialpruefung.jpg

      Diode Laser Driver Systems


      ?  laser diode control

      ?  laser driver system for various laser diodes

      ?  fast analogue modulation at high currents

      ?  laser diode mounts

      說明: Laser Diode Controller System

      Wireless Data Acquisition - DAQ


      ?  data aquisition, wireless, synchronous

      ?  oscillation measurement wireless

      ?  vibration analysis wireless

      ?  bearing monitoring wireless

      ?   accustic measurement technology wireless

      ?  condition monitoring wireless

      ?  machine, object and process surveillance wireless

      說明: http://www.elovis.de/images/produktfotos/TeDiaSens_SN-X.jpg