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      Brand :  PETROL
      Manager :  Jerry Jiang
      Phone :  021-68556062
      Fax :  021-58214208 
      Email :  petrol@euro-me.com 
      Website :  www.petrol-instrume…


      The Aprilia (LT) factory on a ground of 5.500 m2, shows a covered surface of 2.000 m2 and an high production capability either as number of PD flowmeters produced either as production line complection.


      In the factory, totally dedicated to the construction of PD flowmeters and relevant accessories, are available a series of test stations, equipped with "calibrated tanks" of various capacity, sealed by Italian Metric Office, for the performance tests and the calibration of the PD flowmeters produced.


      For the 16" size PD flowmeters, which are the largest produced in Europe, the test station is equipped with a 25.000 litres calibrated tank and a pump with a max flowrate of about 1800 m3/h.


      Furthermore we are just testing a "micro-prover" calibrating system for its eventual approval by the Italian Weight and Measure Department in our country.


      From the commercial stand-point our company is completing and optimizing the sales network through agents and representative companies, both in Italy and abroad, to promptly furnish all the assistence required by customers.