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      Brand :  M.CONTI
      Manager :  Bill He
      Phone :  0755-8384 2048
      Fax :  0755-8384 2051 
      Email :  bill@euro-me.com 
      Website :  www.mconti.com


      Fronte Azienda1M.CONTI, a 40 year long passion

      For over 40 years now M.CONTI has brought high quality and precision to production processes all over the world. Located in Pesaro, central Italy, strategically placed close to some of the most important machine producers for wood, metal, stone and glass production.

      Experience derives from close cooperation with these machine producers. By supplying calibrated bars for machine tools M.CONTI rapidly became known for high precision and quality. In order to maintain high quality standards specific machines and tools were developed specifically. Today, modern NC etching lasers and sophisticated quality control tools work alongside the invaluable experience only 40 years of high quality can provide. Nothing is improvised and all production is carried out within M.CONTI.

      From the calibrated bars a line of high precision calipers was created. To this day this quality product is in constant evolution to bring greater precision and high standards of reliability worldwide.
      Close to production company’s needs and aware of the importance of production efficiency, in 1996 the first presetter was designed and produced. This line soon became a core business for M.CONTI and the presetter product line is constantly growing and evolving.

      Keeping in mind that no production company is small enough to overlook production efficiency M.CONTI makes sure that precision must be available to everyone. User friendly products, quality and maximum precision have become real trade marks for M.CONTI



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      Whether you need calibrated bars for your machine production or instruments to make sure your production is always performingM at peak levels, M.CONTI is your ideal partner.



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      M.CONTI a 40 year long passion!